How to Get to and the Cost of a Trip to Easter Island from the USA
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How to Get to and the Cost of a Trip to Easter Island from the USA

This article is written in response to a question that was posted requesting information on the costs of travelling from the USA to Easter Island, as well as the costs whilst there for lodging and food. Easter Island is not an easy place to get to due to its remote location in the South Pacific, read on to learn about the costs involved and how to get there.

Easter Island is part of the numerous islands that make up Polynesia in the South Pacific. It is listed as being the most remote inhabited island in the world and despite being located in the centre of the South Pacific approximately halfway between the South American mainland and Tahiti it remains a territory of Chile.

One of the main industries for the islanders that remain is tourism, the stone structures or moai (stone heads) make the island a sacred site and the island’s national park status is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The only regular link to the outside world is through the daily flights to the Chilean capital of Santiago, a five hour flight from the island’s international airport. There is also a service once a week from Tahiti although the majority of tourists arrive via the South American mainland.

With only one airline operating flights to and from the island together with its remoteness Easter Island does not fall into the category of budget location. The cheapest option to be found for departures from the United States was to begin the journey from Miami in Florida. It requires at least two stopovers in Lima, Peru and Santiago, Chile (some flights are listed as being direct from Lima although they still make a scheduled stop in Chile). The journey time from Miami including stops is at least 20 hours and the cheapest option to be found at the present time was US$1700 return fare.

The options for eating on the island are somewhat limited with around 25 restaurants that cater for tourists. Much of the food is imported and tends to be limited to whatever is available on any given day. The exception is seafood; the range of fish options can be quite considerable. Some small supermarkets offer snack foods, alcohol and other beverages. Tipping in restaurants is not expected but appreciated, usually some coins or no more than 10% of the total. Many locations on the island do not accept credit cards and those that do can add on a high commission fee for this service. Many restaurants that cater for tourists have become somewhat of a tourist trap in that they charge escalated prices to cater for overseas visitors. The cheapest meals can be from as little as US$18 per person although many charge more than this, while takeaway snack vendor’s supply sandwiches, hot dogs etc for around US$2.

There is a wide variety of hotel accommodation available on Easter Island; it has three international standard hotels and prices can be up to US$ 100 to 150 per night. Hostels or guest houses are also available from around US$20 per night while cabanas are also available for family groups at a little more than the rates charged by hostels. Many will provide breakfast included in the price and some offer an evening meal although not included in the price of the room. Many establishments will meet guests on arrival at the airport while some will be there to greet and arrange accommodation for those not previously having secured a place to stay.

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Comments (3)

Easter Island makes us all dream. A magical island! Very informative post on services there.

Thank you John. 

Never thought of going there because it is such a long trip.  A cruise there might be nice.

I had heard of Easter Island and now I know more about it, thanks!